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Aerorock Understand and Plan

Understanding the potential

What’s cloud computing all about? How can it help SMEs prosper?
Aerorock Professional Implementation

Making it happen

Could your IT be working harder for you? Does it give a great return on your investment?
Aerorock IT Maintenance

Keeping it humming

What’s the real cost of a breakdown?
In IT terms, who’s got your back?

Understanding the potential

The cloud is only for big corporates.

The idea of the cloud feels vague and distant, like I’ve lost control.

Cloud apps are less secure than desktop apps.

Aerorock IT Strategy
Do these statements resonate with you?

Before making any decision about cloud computing, it’s crucial that you realise the huge impact it could have on your company. The cloud might actually be MORE reliable and MORE secure than your current set-up, maximising your up-time and boosting productivity. But you need to understand what it’s all about, what to embrace, and what to avoid.

We’re here to chat, in straightforward, everyday English. We promise to be candid with you. If a system isn’t going to be of benefit, we’ll be honest about that.

Making it happen

Aerorock IT Support
The thought of moving to the cloud is overwhelming and I think it would be too disruptive.

I find the cost of IT scary. I don’t always know what I’m paying for.

I don’t really understand what our techie guys do; they speak another language.

Aerorock help clients to be successful, by providing no-nonsense IT advice and installation. Transitioning to the cloud should be a smooth, seamless process. We’ll work at a sensible pace, communicating with your team, and offering extra training or support as required.

We have NO sales quotas to fulfil, and are not tempted by providers’ incentive schemes! Our recommendations – possibly for a mix & match approach – are motivated solely by your needs and goals.

Our implementation projects are generally done on a fixed fee, agreed up front.

Keeping it humming

We’re “only” a small business. We don’t need and can’t afford ongoing IT support.

What’s ransomware? Surely no-one would use that on us?

I guess our cyber security is ok. I know the staff all use their own passwords…

Now we’re motoring! This is when your partnership with Aerorock really gains momentum and reaps rewards.

Talk to us. Ask us questions. Tell us about your concerns or shifting priorities. You can be sure that we’re always in your corner, keeping your IT on track and up-to-date, minimising costly and disruptive downtime, and safeguarding your business against malicious cyber activities.

You’ve also freed yourself from the stress of unexpected (and possibly over-priced) IT repair bills. Our fee structure is simple and transparent, and even the most basic option includes unlimited user support via e-mail.

About Us

Ever since Aerorock began in 2012, our goal has been clear: to help clients be more successful by delivering honest, practical, affordable IT support. We want to give NZ SMEs a genuine competitive edge, so that they can prosper locally, nationally and globally.

Integrity and transparency are at the heart of our business. We treat our clients the way we wish to be treated, and we use the same tools as we recommend to others.

You may be surprised to learn that we really enjoy social interaction! There’s nothing more rewarding than being regarded as an integral part of a client’s team – engaging in meaningful conversations, problem-solving, overcoming perceived barriers, and helping them to surge forward.


Jason Danner

Managing Director
About Jason

I love the hands-on, visceral stuff. Getting stuck in and delivering super secure, super reliable IT.

Jason’s original career goal was to be a doctor. He wanted to help people and it appealed to his investigative nature. But his voracious appetite for technology and gadgets steered him down a different path, and now he applies his keen analytical skills and lateral thinking to clients’ IT systems

Jason acknowledges that running a small business can feel like a rollercoaster. “It’s important to be prepared, because the knocks can hit you hard. It can feel really personal too, when you’re the owner at the core of everything. The recommendations I make to clients reflect this; I try to put myself in their shoes.”

For more information see Jason’s LinkedIn profile

Martin Danner

Martin Danner

About Martin
I want to help New Zealand’s SMEs thrive. Amazing changes can happen rapidly through digital technologies.

Martin has a BSc (Hons) in Industrial Engineering, and over the last 30 years he’s held a number of pivotal IT roles including software engineer, project manager, system architect, and trainer. Since 1998, he’s been a small business owner so, not only does he have a truly rounded view of technology, he really understands how this relates to SMEs.

Martin co-founded Aerorock because of what he regarded as an inexcusable void in NZ’s IT support sector. “I just looked at how most consultancies operated – only responding when something went wrong – and thought, ‘There has to be a better way to go about this!’ So we set up Aerorock to be the business partner that we’d choose to work with: honest, reliable, astute, and always with the customer’s best interests at heart.”

For more information, please visit Martin’s LinkedIn profile.