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What you actually get. Without the jargon

Just The Basics – $49/user/month

We monitor your computer’s operating system and virus protection from our support centre, alerting you to any issues we detect. Remote monitoring and virus protection software included.

We fully manage Office 365 or Google Apps on your behalf. We add, modify and remove users at your request, and provide user support for this service.

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Comprehensive – $79/user/month

Everything in the basic plan.
Rapid access to support on any software product, service or device that a registered user is using in connection with their job with your organisation. We do our best to answer the user’s question or solve the problem directly. If we cannot resolve the request directly, we’ll put the user in touch with the vendor who provides the software product, service or device.
We answer any technical questions the vendor’s customer support agent may have in connection with the request, and we’ll track the request through to resolution.
Includes support for two devices per user – one PC and one mobile device.
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Business Critical- $149/user/month

Everything in the comprehensive plan.
Priority access to unlimited support.
Complete remote computer management includes system monitoring, software installation, timely software updates, repair of software problems, coordination or hardware related problems with local technicians or depot repair facilities. Reduce and manage the risk of data breach or malicious use of computing resources through security education & training, automated security testing of your online systems, and alerts regarding emerging threats.
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